A series of unfortunate events, could this begin the reconciliation between Erdoğan and Gülen ?

A series of unfortunate events, could this begin the reconciliation between Erdoğan and Gülen ?

What we can learn from the weeks of violence during international elections. And the failure of ANT financials’ IPO and propaganda meet. Is macron a buffoon, or are his actions to confront the Muslim world about picking sides, between Europe and china.

There have been several outbreaks of extreme violence which has been stoked by islamophobia which has been on the rise ever since it became the scapegoat for the Azerbaijani conflict which is currently being waged.

So the story actually begins on September 27. As Armenia started laying false claims of genocide against Turkey for what happened prior to World War I, as if that has any bearing on what is going on now, considering the current incursion of Armenians into Azerbaijan occurred in the 90s.

It was quite interesting to see how susceptible France had become to this propaganda which was primarily aimed as a recruitment strategy for Armenians internationally.

And since this was an election season they felt more at ease stoking Islamic phobia as a tactic to recruit voters. However this story takes some interesting turns we try to ascertain the motives of the propaganda.

First we start with how Turkey had been prompted by their benefactors to seek oil deposits in the eastern Mediterranean because the pinch of sanctions has been making fuel acquisition for the world’s largest consumer of fossil fuels difficult. Fortunately, Turkey has seen the light on that situation and withdrew their exploratory vessels. So it would appear that in that situation it was Turkey that showed the most reason. That was prior to the September conflict. The September conflict was another conflict instigated by propaganda and steeped in propaganda such as for some crazy reason even though Turkey was primarily destroying Armenians via high precision artillery and drones not foot soldiers which kind of undermines the whole getting Syrian fighters in the Azerbaijani conflict. You know other than the whole I thought those were your enemies thing. Fortunately propaganda doesn’t need to make sense. Just like how the French did not actually suggest a boycott of Turkish goods, however the Turks decided to start a boycott campaign of French goods.

Do you know what the most interesting thing about this is?

Well, do you think that would have a positive impact on the and financial IPO which is set to occur next week? you know if all the sudden many countries boycotted France, where would they be getting the goods from? China obviously.

Unfortunately for the Chinese, they themselves were unaware of how poorly their economy was actually doing, and somehow the ”largest IPO in history” has been canceled.

I guess this particular ploy didn’t quite pay off. I guess giving the Muslims in Xinxiang social credit point for spreading this propaganda though Muslim communities, which in turn resulted in several Muslim majority countries such as Turkey finding themselves doing the bidding of the likes of Pakistan, who was whole for Osama bin Laden for four years which resulted in the war on terror which has ravaged the Middle East. And Iran which I know is a Muslim majority country but the problem is that there also the primary sponsors of terror, you know that title everyone keeps trying to slap Turkey with. So if Turkey wants to distance itself from the tactics of terrorism, they shouldn’t be surprised if this rubs NATO and especially France the wrong way. Especially when you consider how both sides have fallen for this propaganda so easily when fueled by political propaganda which becomes a smokescreen for hostile intelligence agencies. That is where the spiral of terrorism we have recently seen came from, and mostly not the Muslim community at large. I have seen several speeches by both Macron

Even Erdoğan was able to keep in mind this rage was over cartoons, and was beneath him.

And macron defended pluralism by explaining why, in France, free speech is more important than religious concepts of blasphemy for people who want to live in the west. Without trying to enforce that on the Islamic countries. 

Which he expounded on in a long form interview

Which has been inspiring imams to correct the records:

And even Erdoğan was able to condemn these terror attacks publicly.

But wait, what does any of this have to do with bots? You might ask.

So, this tragedy is a result of desperation and nothing more than that. This is what Turkey has to deal with as well. I wonder how macron feels now, wearing Erdoğans shoes. With Russians constantly stoking islamophobia, then the Armenians jumping on that bandwagon, screaming genocide at Azerbaijan, which is provably false,

This is not the clash of civilizations, this is the crumbing of one, leading people to extreme levels of desperations in another, with people looking for any excuse to rally around things they hate, because their own leaders have nothing positive to tell them and know no other way to “keep their flock together” Can you really think of any other reason to be arguing about cartoons when people are mostly starving and in poverty?

And you wonder why the Chinese are so cocky …

Ultimately, unless these communities on all sides can learn from these reformed imams, that being in the west requires, by the laws of their own religion, for people to live in harmony in non-muslim majority countries, which is to say, follow the laws of the government whos jurisdiction they live within. While reserving sharia law for themselves, and not imposing those laws on non-Muslims outside of Muslim countries. Even the west kills their own, for attempting to do the same. At the same time, this must serve as a reckoning between Gülen and Erdoğan, if it were not Erdoğans strong stance on holding Gülenists responsible and the vacuum left by them mostly migrating to the US, and perhaps the lack of religious extremism there, compared to the recent European experience.
So I would like to take this chance to respond directly to some of the comments on TRT:

I will agree that islamodiversion might be a thing, however at the same time, at least in this specific incident, they are more of a mirror to reflect a light what policies are in countries without free speech and press, and maybe take a closer look at where these problems are coming from.

The same is especially true of the statements at 1:16, because that is exactly what happened in turkey to the Gülen movement, with the help of china, were labelled as terrorists, living in the US.
https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/G%C3%BClen_movement So you have to hand it to Macron for taking the risky meta ironic path for a foreign policy shift. Way to polish that turd.


As for asking at 3:06 about “What values, do we have a document of the French values?” the answer is yes, the document is, I believe he is leaving that open to the imams to decide upon without prescribing them. And specifically saying that these are for people in France and not islam as a whole.

So when he says at 6:20 that radicalization does not happen in communities anymore, it happens on the internet and outside of communities, that is true now, but was not always true.  By creating a structure which is mediated by imams themselves and not the French government, gives them a chance at creating their own formal structure, so that the imamas themselves can have legitimacy among their own people, in comparison to all the fake internet imams.

But I have to say the claim at 9:50 that “Muslims are not asking you to save them” to macron. If that is not true, then why are the migrating to Europe?  The fact is that these communities are asking for some form of intervention instead of being excluded from society, otherwise they would not come to Europe and would instead simply ”exclude Europe”. Though I will say, it is interesting how quickly the cry’s for boycotting of French products has died down, since the ant financial IPO was cancelled. https://www.nytimes.com/2020/11/03/technology/ant-ipo-jack-ma-summoned.html

I especially like the part at 10:40 where he says “You see all the protests against islamophobia, you don’t see any muslims” and indeed he shows clips, of mostly non-muslims in France, holding “stop islamophobia” signs and protesting. By his own demonstration, it is the secular French and also non-secular, who are protesting islamophobia the most, on behalf of Muslims. But I guess that is all a matter of perspective.

At 11:31 he claims that Macron was practically whining, and I think that can be summed up along with his other speeches, so I think, Macrons behavior can be explained by 2 things, an attempt to ironically and publicly confront turkey about their relationship with china, without actually mentioning china, because everything he has proposed, are policies china has had for several years in the xinjiang region of china.
The other reason, is probably that this song is in the back of his mind when giving those speeches:

If you are unhappy with the problems in your country, and you leaders have no answers but to point fingers, then maybe it is you who have poorly chosen leaders, and not the west who have their own massive problems to deal with, because the CCP it seems, is more powerful than Islam, given how easily they flock to their own demise. I told you, xinjiang was just the beta.

It will be so interesting to see, how they twist their words, when the value of their Chinese investments become a burden. Then we can start to see the picture, if this was mass greed or mass blackmail. That is really what remains to be seen. I think maybe a more important question, is how turkic muslims feel about getting cheap products from china, produced by Uighur Muslims, which migrated from Turkey, who are enslaved for being muslim, which is why those products are so cheap. Since “The muslim world” by which I mean, the social media conversation which is often times a propaganda platform for the CCP, has decided that cartoons in some other country is a bigger insult to Islam, than the genocide of Muslims, because hey, at least you get cheap shit. And what is more important than getting a good deal on plastic garbage so that they can destroy the environment without having to deal with those pesky protests in the west? This is what blasphemy laws are for, so people can be forced to stop talking about Mohammad and killed for for the low, low price of selling out other Muslims. Just remember how much the CCP wants your money and your people, because slave labor is hard to find these days with the UN trying to impose human rights on everyone. So weird that the universal declaration of human rights assigned sovereignty to individuals and not governments. Since these governments know so well that they are the only ones that should be sovereign.

If the Turks learn anything from reading this, it is that  first, use some better critical thinking skills when getting information from social media, and 2nd, the west is having a problem with the CCP, and Turkey is a large part of the belt and road initiative, but now The CCP needs turkey more than turkey needs the CCP. Turkey has a chance to be a sort of “gateway to Europe” on their own terms, instead of as the CCPs pet, controlled not be the so-called leaders of the muslim world, but some 20 million muslims living in a police state and controlled by the state via their Huawei phones and a social credit system.
But sure, go ahead and keep blaming all that on Gülen, as well as the failures of the economy. So strange that Muslims still want to migrate to the US and Europe, instead of the CCP, even though those places seem so horrible, if you get all your news via social media.
With friends like the CCP, who needs enemies ?

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