Tensions in the CCP reach a new level.

A tanker truck explosion in southeast China has killed 19 people and left over 170 injured, on June 14th according to local media.

The explosion caused extensive damage to nearby buildings. One photo showed firefighters hosing down a row of buildings with blown-out facades well into the night.

The truck carrying liquefied gas exploded around 4:45 p.m. on the Shenyang-Haikou Expressway south of Shanghai in Zhejiang province, the official Xinhua News Agency said, citing local authorities.


A second explosion followed when the truck was propelled over 100m/300ft through the air into a factory workshop, Xinhua said.

The Wenling city government information office said on its social media account that houses and workshops collapsed and 189 people were treated at six hospitals.

A worker at a nearby restaurant told Xinhua that the blast shattered the windows of her home, but that her mother and brother were unharmed.

The vast size of the devastation is being attributed to the tanker carrying liquefied petroleum, knows as “gas” in the west. However we checked with some explosives experts, the size and force of the explosion resembles something much more akin to a fuel-air bomb, and not simply from igniting a pool of petroleum.

Another sticking point is the velocity of a petrol explosion, is one of the lowest of known explosives. Yet the range of the damage from percussion of the blast, point to a much higher velocity of explosive.

And then there is also the issue of the 2nd explosion when the truck “collapsed on to a factory” which was over 100m/300ft from the original explosion, it is not clear that the explosion originated from the factory, is this just tremendously bad luck ?

According to the wiki page:
“A fuel–air explosive (FAE) device consists of a container of fuel and two separate explosive charges. After the munition is dropped or fired, the first explosive charge bursts open the container at a predetermined height and disperses the fuel (also possibly ionizing it, depending on whether a fused quartz dispersal charge container was employed) in a cloud that mixes with atmospheric oxygen (the size of the cloud varies with the size of the munition). The cloud of fuel flows around objects and into structures. The second charge then detonates the cloud, creating a massive blast wave. The blast wave destroys reinforced buildings and equipment and kills and injures people. “
Thanks to the news situation in china, we may never know. However the most telltale sign, may be the distance between the highway, and the buildings which were on fire/destroyed.

In other words, the tanker would have to have been damaged in such a way, as to only spray aerosolized petroleum for several minutes at least, before the cloud combusted, possibly driven by a guest of oxygen rich air. Because a fuel-air explosive requires a delicate mixture of fuel and air, which is why a pool of fuel burns instead of exploding (sorry Hollywood, I know that looks so cool in the movies). If this had been leaking for a long time, then there should have been linear burn marks for quite a distance.

Suffice to say, this is just the latest in series of calamities that have been devastating the chinese people, often times due to cumulative incompetence from the central government. Too bad the social credit system cannot solve that.

Better hurry and grab all the footage of the incident before china censors that off the internet. I do wonder if there is satellite imagry of these incidents.

In seemingly unrelated news, a day later the North Korean liaison office was abruptly demolished, on purpose as an act of defiance, according to sate media. Though unlike a controlled demolition, there was a remarkable amount of damage to surrounding buildings, with many windows blown out.

So either they remarkably bad at demolition, or that “purposeful demolition” was rushed to such a degree, as to cause a significant amount of collateral damage. Normally building implosions are done in such a way, as to prevent debris from leaving the demolition site. That is what the word “implosion” means, an explosion directed inwards instead of outward, sort of like the Chinese economy currently. The pictures released by the DPRK look more like a blackmail letter.

As for the reaction in the west, muted at best. I would like for western activists and law enforcement alike to note, that is what a civil war really looks like. That is what is looks like when protests is crushed so hard that it becomes untenable for the protesters. Crushing street protests is entirely different from an active insurgency campaign, only the most drug addled death cult worshipper would believe that to be preferable. So you treat people, so they become. You can’t put the genie back in the bottle again.

I wonder though, what is the difference between feudalism, and a gangster government ? The size of the tribe ?

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