ANN “This is not the onion”

A somewhat bizarre rumor has been buzzing around the dark-net recently.

In an as-yet unseen video of a person claiming to be “Kane” released a call to arms, disguised in little more than a blurry and poorly faked Southern American accent. He proclaimed:

“ The world is falling apart, people are dying by the thousands! We have the most powerful weapons on the planet, and what do they do ? Sit around making Memes and Jokes! Can they not see the crisis before us? [To Note, this person obviously not a follower of ANN, as we have been reporting on these events for years] They have the power to stop this! To impose law and order from the top if they so wish, and what do we hear ? Nothing but jokes ? Are they inciting us to each take up the mask of the joker? Well, I had a chance to ask one, so called “Antifa Super Soldier” and his snide reply was that I did not understand democracy, freedom, or how those things relate to each other. How would they know ? All they know is how to destroy governments! They build nothing! What the hell is Rojava anyway ? Just some feminist joke to stoke tensions in the region! Imagine, destabilizing a whole region of the world, just for a joke!

They don’t know the struggle of building a society from the rubble of war! Only we, the dirt of the earth, know how to raise a nation!

Truly the spectre of fascism has become so powerful that even toilet paper investors are starting to feel the pinch! And our out-of-touch military is being yanked around like a toddler with a puppet! They know nothing of our struggle! Only patronizing platitudes about organizing ! One of them had enough hubris to try and get us to disarm ourselves by spreading propaganda like this:
 One of them had enough hubris to suggest that you don’t need a bug out bag!  That is so anti-2nd amendment anti-being prepared thing I have ever heard! And they call themselves elite? That is the real joke here!”

A second video began circulating labeled as “her absurdist manifesto”:

Truly some very strange activity from the rumor mill. Corona-virus fears have created a possibility that this threat can be stamped out  through censorship, to prevent dangerous individuals like this “Kane” from spreading their message across social media. Some other people are taking “Kane”s advice seriously, claiming that the “elites” are not serious enough to understand the scope of the situation. Some strange times indeed. I must concur with the statement “Worst apocalypse ever” I am unimpressed. This Kane seems like just another alt-right personality looking for attention for the ads on their youtube videos. 

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