BBC Newsnight get an american view on the UN IPCC report from a DC thinktank.

In this interview where Chris talks to Myron Ebell who is a director at the Competitive Enterprise Institute. Myron begins with blanket placing blame on “the left” then his association of the UN with “the left” which is quite possibly the craziest thing I have ever heard. Apperently now “the left” is some global cabal for which progressives are the footsoldiers. On the same level is his claim that the UN is a “promotional body and not trying to be impartial”. These sentiments being promulgated by a so called “think tank” headquartered in the capital of the US and funded by an intelligence agency, makes it positively unnerving. So the most amazing part about this interview, probably occurred around 7:08 where he says “They don’t consider the tremendous benefits that have flowed from the warming” which I can only assume he is referring to the hundreds of billions of dollars of damages from ecological disasters. Or maybe its the now year-round fire season on the west cost. Which is a “flourishing”.
This was offset by the host chris cook’s facepalming. Ironically, this is the same line of reasoning that the Russians use, especially when they talk about shipping through an ice free arctic which started last month, while ignoring the destruction to buildings and infrastructure it has had in north eastern Russia. The similarities are amazing, as Nietzsche once said “Be careful when you fight the monsters, lest you become one.” This in claim is more outrageous than his claims starting around around 5:25 and then picks up again at 8:11. That the warming is somehow slower, despite the rapid increase in rate of ecological disasters far beyond what previous models showed, which is what they were trying to highlight in the most recent IPCC report in the first place. The most telling part that he is the mouthpiece of a thinktank, is where he claims that ignoring climate change is a “pro energy agenda” as if the goal of people trying to mitigate climate change, is “anti-energy” just replace “energy” with “coal” and his words make more sense. He then proceeds to claim that climate change mitigation would result in ” energy rationing” so it would seem he is from the same family of thinktanks that claimed obamacare would result in “death panels”. This is what some intelligence agencies starting the with letter C, spend their money on apparently, as highlighted by his self-righteous smirks during this interview. But it would explain things like their economy exploding blunders, such as WMDs, which were claimed with equal certainty.
Here is the full interview:

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