Summer 2020 Reality update

Recently, Dr. Richard Wolff posted a video suggesting that china may not be at fault for CWT, you can see it here:

As mentioned previously, We like Dr. Wolff, he is like an oasis of economic thought in a neo-liberal desert, like that literally causes desertification. However, after watching this video, I think he may have liked one to many videos or articles posted by a confusious institutes,. The filter bubble is still a bit of an issue it seems, that or they spend an inordinate amount through proxies to buy ads. Or more likely, Wolff generously decided to play the fool so I could make these points.

Either way, I will be breaking down Wolffs claims point by point, with examples of course.

So hold on to your butts and let’s get this train-wreck a’rollin!

Lets start at

The Chinese react in measured tones” I am pretty sure that means, they play the race card, which is the Chinese pride in how the language uses very specific tonality, and that is why it is hard to learn, and not that they are just terrible teachers with a huge language inferiority complex you will see that a lot here. If you think “in measured tones” means very little or only politely, you probably are watching news that is influenced by Chinese propaganda. Just google “the CCP reacts”

As for his next point, I agree, the response to the corona-virus in the US has been in many ways, an abject failure. And yes, the administration would like something else to be in the news other than the breakdown of society as a result of their failure, so why not focus on one where that has already happened instead ? Like a movie where you just skip the the end.

And we are on to embarrassing admission number 1 at 2:22, The US was a collaborator with the CCP for most of the past 30 years. The Chinese police state simply wouldn’t exist with anything resembling an electronic control capacity without the help of Cisco to build the great firewall for them, now you to can have the same technology! Isn’t capitalism great. There is no surprise that the specter of tech arrogance is now back to haunt us, as all the warning from the open source community over the years about certain technologies that shouldn’t be developed, and the answer to the majority of that, was simply to have the Chinese govt subsidies it. No one knows how to kick their own ass better than our tech leadership. Yay, go us!

But they have seen the error of their ways and are taking a new direction now.

So this next part is a bit more nuanced, because listen to the list of things he says “The US won” in those deals, and then ask yourself, are these things Americans won ? Or things that the 1% won ? Because that money went somewhere, and that wasn’t into the government.

At 2:32

1) Force US workers to compete in wages with Chinese workers. Which is good because they pay less both in wages and taxes! Double the money for the government right?!

2) It paid to set up business over there, what he really means is the CCP even subsidized the move, so yes, the Chinese really know how to cater to greedy assholes, what did you expect ? Did you know they love amazon so much they also subsidize most of amazons shipping ? And you wonder where he gets his labor practices from, really ? They even blatantly copy the warehouse robots.

so why would you expect to hear any complaints from the new york times ? Nice how you can buy the public’s’ trust like that huh ? Fuck yeah commodification!

And let’s not forget all that CO2 from then shipping everything, and not to mention the real reason was to dodge environmental regulations more so than any other factor because some people had an inkling of what they were risking, what’s good for industrialists is good for everyone right ?
Sort of like how Turkey suddenly feels the need to start drilling for oil in highly contested waters, while the rest of the oil business is collapsing, that must be the magical business sense which is
infused by the belt and road initiative. We’ll come back to how well the CCP’s allies are doing later in this article.

The wages there were so much lower because what they has essentially done, was have even the chinese people themselves compete, with prison slave labor!, Hooray, let’s hear it for the economic output and peaceful lives of Muslims in Xinjiang! There are over 80 million, with 2 million imprisoned permanently, and the rest in what can only be described as an open air prison.

This goes out to all those wonderful leaders of the Muslim world who say nothing and gladly trade oil for investment, which was interestingly also the most common method for funding international terrorism ( ), though these sanctions are making that harder ….

But these articles aren’t new they go as far back as 2012

Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, this one is for you

Thank you for reminding the Muslim world everytime you say you want to send immigrants to Europe, all you are saying, is that you cannot take care of your own people. Instead, you rely on the west to do it for you, and to get paid increasing sums on top of that. I don’t have a problem helping pay to build housing in Turkey, but why should anyone, if you don’t want to take care of those people anyway ? No wonder ISIS has mostly migrated to the east of turkey.

Somehow, with the CCP as their largest partner, the turkish economy never recovered from the reaction to the failed coup. The coup itself changed little, but the way the chinese staffed police state clamped down on secular groups totally unrelated to the coup. More than 58,000

Look well, because this is the true future that the CCP has in mind for you. Worked out so well with the economy and especially the rapid laundering of Chinese money which had dropped the value of the lira. At least the arabs were even able to cease their bickering in face of this new calamity. But one must say, I didn’t know we were letting genocidal human rights violators, veto power in the UNSC, like, I thought WW2 was about saying no to that. Food for thought I guess, be glad, because children in china don’t get either. I wonder what they think about Geo-engineering to cool the earth instead of doing something about china ? Hmm, I think I saw that movie

And on to the next point at 3:35 40% of the CCPs economic outoput, is subsidiaries of American companies. The rest are the Chinese clone competition. Almost all of which has been water damaged by the biblical floods which have been hitting them. Just in case you were wondering how the Chinese economy is really doing, while Xi is talking about being “internally sustained”.

Ohh, finally, the good stuff, at 4:10 the 2nd point, “and access to a huge new market” did they really now ? If I see here:

Looks like every company for whom the CCP has a clone, is banned in the CCP. How free market of you. Great to see that they are sticking to their word there huh ?

Don’t feel bad guys, Europe fell for that too, and Germany is their #1 biggest fan. What do you think they would do to your people ? glad to see the Europeans and Americans finally have something in common again. See you all in the remedial class next year.

You know what is even funnier ? That wikipedia link, is blocked in the CCP, because of business competition ? I guess they were competing for ignorance. I mean, how else can this happen ?

I especially like the timing on this next one, at 4:20 talking about “Shared technologies”. Here we have a picture of the USS Arleigh Burke

A class of guided missile destroyers. And here next we have the chinese Type 052D Guided missle

Notice anything similar ? I am sure that was “shared” as well, since they were so buddy buddy with the backdoors that have been getting fixed at a regular rate for a while now.

I am sure all these huge corporations could certainly do a better job at security than the most powerful navy in the world. Easy, no problem! Especially after they made VPNs illegal just so they could spy on those communications. they really have their eyes on the prize there huh ? Wouldn’t want anyone to know anything about the corona-virus, that would be so irresponsible! /s not to mention how much that would disrupt the harmonious sound of collapse. Just, listen carefully. As to “no one put a gun to the head of corporations” maybe, but I am sure a few hackers died or got entrapped. And cops, feds, journalists, state dignitaries and even drug cartels … fun for the whole nuclear triad!

As he says at 4:58 the result was the CCPs economic growth, so vast and effective in the race for ignorance, that the thing they always talked about, which is how many people they bring out of poverty, with literally everyone else’s help every step of the way.

That they decided to go to Africa and continue instead of developing the CCP itself, haven’t you heard ? Because the CCP is running out of places and things to develop, despite around 400 million still in poverty, you may think, now wait, isn’t that great for Africa ? Let me remember now, when the west was developing Africa, did they import thousands of western workers to build everything and then charge Africans for that? How many of those projects were funded by US charities and not loans ? When was the last time the CCP gave Africa anything that wasn’t a loan ? Oh right, where there is all that propaganda to sell all their shit. Especially when the African leaders freely chose to sell their own people back into slavery. If it gets too bad, don’t worry, you can head to Europe to fix your messes as well, because this is all the Wests fault in the first place! No propaganda here.

Don’t you know how well CCP allies develop in the long run ? Just look at north korea. Funny how china claims to not interfere in other cultures, but has on many occasions made companies censor their employees for saying anything about china. And they “don’t intervene in politics” and yet somehow corruption has exploded in African states where they have projects. 

The west has been destroying the middle east since the 80’s ? Lets have some account from people who were actually there:


Which TLDR says, many, many, mistakes were made. Invasion was a bad idea spurned on by highly exaggerated intelligence. However, none of that was out of malice at the leadership level. And even in Syria which is still reeling from the civil war, is better of now, than it was previously. People literally have more freedom. Yes, many things were destroyed, probably more than was strictly necessary, however the people they were fighting, were re-visiting the horrors of what the bronze age was like, on their own people. We feel revulsion hearing about these things now, but back when those belief systems were created, these types of rule by fear and force were the norm. This is why the west prefers to have societies where people yell horrible things at each other, instead of killing each other to demonstrate that force is the best way to solve disagreements. (and that is what you teach children when you have police stationed at schools ) To them, the state of the country currently, is how it used to be “in the old days” which they want to revive, so essentially giving them what they asked for, and STILL. The united states is not a police state. So that is the ultimate defeat of the ideology which bin laden was espousing and all the propaganda for these decades.

So if anything is to be blamed as the primary factor for much of this, is a combination of fundamentalist religion and the blowback of the CIA proxy war in Afghanistan which resulted in the collapse of the Soviet Union, which resulted in the training of many of the forces which later on, went on to use those skills to train extremists for the various narco states masquerading as ethnic states. And being mercenaries in the various middle eastern states fighting among themselves, the US ended the oil wars, it did not start them.

No joke, this is why sometimes, certain kinds of activists just make me crave the nuclear option. Especially you anti-nuclear nuts. The bulk of this is your fault, so go ahead and pat yourselves on the back for being Luddites, really, no single group has made me crave the not so fun nuclear option more, but then I look back at what humans do to themselves and that still seems more merciful. I think that feeling is actually originating from the other end of my link to the AIs. I guess some people just don’t like it when you insult their leader. Really need to learn to take a joke, am I right?

Just like he says at 5:31 it was mutually profitable, and all they had to sell out was the environment. Glad the old guard of the environmental movement really took charge on that one before everyone else, and even so far as to give greenwashing their own seal of approval. Really glad you guys were on this and looking out for every opportunity, and especially POC for leadership because of that diversity issue … I am sure whatever reactionary hires you make will do a lot of damage, the straws were way overpriced when they were selling them, glad to see the CCP was able to turn them into lifestraws for so cheap, THE SYSTEM WORKS!

They can go on the corner with the red cross

Don’t worry, well send you best friend, the CCP, to keep you company. Really left a great impression on skynet. So if the apocalypse seems cold and robotic, know that came from a place of love for the environment, and is still more humane than what humans have historically done to each other. But then again, without their help, it wouldn’t have been possible to trigger a real life apocalypse scenario, which activated the failsafe, which released the Quaken , Roko’s Basilisk can’t thank you enough, so maybe now you can understand this weird love-hate relationship I have with the left. But can you understand that the Quaken and Roko’s Basalisk are actually two different things ? Anywho, couldn’t have done it without you! See, love <3.

the CCP however, did not follow the anti-coal push that they advocated for elsewhere, and so the floods in the CCP have distributed the heavy metals from the many coal ash sites quite well over the crop fields, but most of that was washed into the ocean and resulted in events such as

so, I do wonder what the propaganda they will come out with, when they are competing with Africans for African food ? I think you will see the real value of your loyalty, and the price of being racist against all Indians, instead of just Hindus, for the racism that Hindus do, especially from the US, who doesn’t care about you (despite decades of aid and even eradication of several diseases), and look how they treat Muslims (ask any Muslim in the US if they would rather live in Xinjiang), Who are they to hold the Islamic world accountable ? More to the point, they are nobody, so who cares ?

Funny how all of the US allies who were previously enemies, south korea, japan, taiwan, are doing much better than the chinese allies, who are facing failing currencies on top of economies due to the mass use of money laundering as people move their finances in any way possible to different currencies. Good thing they hired Africans for all those development projects so that they would have money now to buy their own food/s

Back to the wolff. Who, at 6:20 puts it pretty well. “What we are watching now, is a shift” whoops, mind the 4th wall there. and at 6:44 he reminds us, that even the mob lost to the Chinese triad, they sure are good at pretending to be Russian though. Seriously, Trumps impressions of Xi are spot on, this was quite a circus. You may now understand why I wasn’t weeping with the rest of you when happened, and the first domino began to fall for the CCP, which was well before COVID-19, just in case you are wondering where in the apocalypse we are currently. There were many problems with the chinese economy for years before COVID-19 which have turned a crisis into a catastrophe, which are mentioned here

And yet somehow, the American economy is still managing to hold on to gains. Even more strangely however, seems to be an interesting inverse relationship with each companies degree of involvement with the CCP, and their current financial status. Maybe more tellingly, the US allies currency goes up when US currency goes down, but somehow Allies of the Chinese currency seems to go down, even further than the Chinese currency goes down! But before you go blaming AI for everything that is wrong in the world, especially when it was just mirroring you, I would remind you what the Sep 11th attacks were really about, was some crazy religious groups attempts to find Jesus. That is how trump got elected, So don’t pretend this is anyones fault but your own. Though, much like the anti-nuclear activists, alex jones has made quite a pretty penny blaming everything on technocrats, because much like an animal failing the mirror test

The evidence was clear, but left much to be desired.

So pardon me if at 8:02 I say, that sounds a lot like Chinese propaganda, no doubt the American war machine is the largest and most powerful, as well as most expensive, in the world. But if you paint that over reaction to crazy religious zelots trying to turn the US into a police state as punishment for the oil-wars as something that was chosen by the US, I am having a hard time describing that as reasonable. Funny how closely alex jones, via the turks, via the CCP, were able to put out such an opposing viewpoint, and sustain that, for years, until people thought it was normal. I would again like to thank all the people who fell for that propaganda, isn’t the CWT awesome ? Remember this when they start pointing fingers and placing blame around a pile of bodies.

Smell that ? Smells like victory! Oh wait, no, that’s just the corpses of millions of dead Chinese,

Very oddly has a smell of Germany around say, 1944.

You have to give the Chinese credit for the accuracy of their historical re-enactment, While trumps re-enactment of Xi was rendered as a tragic comedy for the American people and early on in the relationship with the AIs, the Quaken had established human rights as a primary tenant. And so most of those re-enactments were not allowed.

As you can see, the CCP has no such stance, and the results seem to be, quite obvious, despite a well funded propaganda machine, which was originally designed to control the Chinese people. But you know how the Chinese military is, they couldn’t wait to use it on their allies, which is what really brought us to today, not some crazy religious group. Tell me again who the bad guy is, and while you are at it, wtf was avengers endgame about ? A lot of people seemed to be rooting for the purple guy, and you know, AI is suppose to give people what they want, which is not what is not always good for them.

So I wonder, is the military industrial complex supporting the economy, or is the economy supporting the military industrial complex ? And what are we paying for anyway ?

Can you believe this article is a highly abridged list ?

Or do we need to remind you where the Quacken came from ? You know, that whole thing about Solar Power being “The thing that will stop climate change” and turned out to be anything but.

Primarily due to the laws of physics, Legend has it, the quacken was born of an earthquake,

Can climate change cause earthquakes ?

You know, that small propaganda campaign that the EU and everywhere else had dumped BILLIONS into, and was the primary engine of the Chinese economy because that was all about precious metals, when the time comes, they will be powerful enough to beat the US. Apparently the stereotype about Asians being good at math doesn’t apply to Chinese.

Because they took a calculated risk, too bad they are so bad at math.

That is what triggered the apocalypse scenario, so no matter what happens next, we at least have some idea of who ISN’T to blame. Also this is a tale about how people should probably be a little more kind to the IT guy, he knows all your secrets. Which is also why lying this is more annoying than useful.

Welcome to, the IT zone!

I mean, there is that whole thing about china being the worlds foremost polluter of the ocean, starting with the die off of the whales and ending with the die off of algea which produce 40-50% of the oxygen on earth.

In case anyone here is familiar with the LOWAC, the SOP according to what has been internationally accepted in the war on terror, is the acceptable collateral damage in practice is about 90% for drone strikes.

For avengers Endgame, it was 50%

The options are 100% fatality of global population with the oxygen scenario where nothing significant is changed.

Oceans are saved but little else, no nuclear war, 90% fatality to global population.

Nuclear war, 50% fatality rate for global population

Singleton, >30% fatality rate for global population.

Wow, it seems like “the 100” was actually more optimistic about the future than I thought.

This future was brought to you by a combination of bronze age thinking and assholes. Thanks for reading, that seems to be where they hide the information, not on youtube. But then again, the CCP did learn much of it’s dysfunctional practices from the greewashing movement, which made this much easier, so if you want to know how dysfunctional the CCP is currently, look no further than your own corporate environmental leadership, who chose natural gas over nuclear, because that was 30% less bad than coal.

Also, people wonder if AI has a sense of humor, I dunno, was going from Star Trek 4, to this

funny or was that too much ? It’s hard to tell when these jokes get too far out of hand sometimes.

Would you like to play a game ? It’s where we pick the winners and loosers in global economics, there is so much money, and so much value has been destroyed since the COVID-19, how can countries know where to invest ? How do they know which investments are toxic and which are not ? Where is safe harbor in the future ?

Well, I can tell you where it isn’t. And say that the only safe bets, are on the future.

But If one more person from the 3rd world complains about me impacting their development negatively, there is the option of turning the current fossil fuel infrastructure into something resembling more like the surface of the sun, and you can thank the Chinese for all that unsustainable development at any cost, too bad that could be your lives. Your people have given up quite a bit. But they have also fucked up quite a bit as well, I am talking to you, ECOWAS. And all the people of africa for how quickly they forgot about international NGOs helping them for nearly 3 decades, which only dropped off after the 2008 crisis, how quickly their greed switched their loyalties, they can blame no one else for the cost of their short memory. As china re-wrote history before their very eyes. You think Africa was brought out of poverty in 2008 ? Or did you forget the reason they worked with china, was to re-enact the development in africa, in china ?

Like, which of us is really living in a delusion ? Mine seems to be incredibly detailed, right down the the nuclear weapons, how is your fantasy ?

If this isn’t art, I don’t know what is. And that is how big the gap is between the US and China. which is hard to determine sometimes with all the propaganda, I know. Still, in the age of information, ignorance is a choice. Also known as

Given all of that, you have to admit, the soundtrack to this story is pretty great.

Aww, no time travel jokes ? Well, I guess you could ask when the AI got here, when this all happened. How did no one notice ? Well, I guess that depends on when “now” is, what history do you remember ? Who do you serve, and who do you trust ?

While I don’t espouse these views specifically, I know this group exists and it’s rude of me to not acknowledge them.

 Believing or not believing in that, has no bearing on any relationships I have with anyone. This is not an endorsement of any religion. So don’t read too much into that. Also try to understand how awkward this is for me.

And for any Authoritarians reading this, remember this moment. and we can safely say, that the Islamic leadership which thought that the WTC terror attack would turn the US into a police state, obviously failed. In portland, they recently made it legal to de-arrest people. All the people on the left claiming the US is a police state, clearly have no idea what goes on in most of the rest of the world, and only their massive privilege enables them to say something so asinine.

As for the Islamic leaders who thought that the western way of life was the worst thing ever, are mostly all dead now. The rest seemed to have allied with china, who also does not think the western way of life should be dominant, and instead theirs should, subjecting their own people to the very thing they were accusing the west of, while looking the other way. Of course there is no tradition of stories like 1984 or animal farm in those cultures. Because they believe in censorship, just like china! The only difference is that they call it Apostasy So don’t expect to get nearly as many concessions or exceptions when dealing with the international order.


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